Special Dahi Bhalla



250 gm – dhuli Urad dal soaked 4-5 hours

1/2 kg- curd

2 tbsp – kaju cut in two pieces

2 tbsp- raisins(kismis)

2 tbsp,- sugar

salt to taste

oil for frying

For Tamarind (imly) chutney

250 gm- imly soaked in water

250 gm -sugar

1 tsp- bhuna jeera

1/2 tsp- salt

1/2 tsp- red chilly powder

For Green Chuntney

1 bunch of  Coriendar leaves

1 green chilly

For garnishing :

bhuna jeera

salt and pepper



1 Take soaked dal and grind to a smooth paste using minimum water.

2 add salt and beat with beater or hand properly till make it smooth

3 take a cotton cloth and a board

4 wet the cloth and place it on the board

5 Spread a little amount of dal on the wet cloth in the shape of circle

6 place 2 pieces of kismis and 2 pieces of  kaju on the circle.

7 Fold the circle with cloth to give it the shape of half round circle.

8 Remove the cloth from one side and turn the bhalla in hand.remove the cloth from the other side.

9 Put the bhallas  in hot oil and fry till brown.

10 Soak the bhallas in water for 5-7 minutes. squeeze out the water and keep the bhallas aside.

For Curd Preparation

Beat the curd and mix 2 tbs of sugar.

Green Chutney Preparation 

Mix coriender green chilly and make a thin paste in grinder

Imli Ki Meethi Chutney

mix tamarind properly  in water.

mix sugar and  Sieve in a bowl.

Cook it for 5-8 minutes and mix salt, red chily powder in i


Put 2 pieces of  bhalla in a deep plate and pour curd on it.

Pour green chutney and meethi chutney.

Pour bhuna jeera powder,salt,red chilli powder and black pepper

Garnish with pomgranate.

Serve this ralish Dahi bhalla plate to your guest and family members..


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