Vegetable paneer kofta


1 1/2 cup grated cabbage

2  1tab sp.finely choped capsicum

3. choped onion

4. carrot

5. 1/2 cup grated paneer

6. Oil for frying

7.salt and black peaper as par taste

For coating

250gm paneer mashed smooth

1 tab.sp.Corn floor and 2 tab.sp. bread crumb
Filling wali samgri ko mix karke ek pan mei stir karte hue heavy flame par sote kar le.

Mix salt n peaper and keep aside

Take paneer bread crumb and corn floor in a pan and mix well.

Mix salt n paper as per taste

Make small balls from the doah

Take a piece of ball and filling with vagetables mixture

Deep frying the stuffed balls

Cut in two parts n keep a side

Make a gravy for your kofta aquording  as your taste.and set the kofte with  gravy

Serve hot.

Bread paneer and 


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