Methi ke laddu


250 gm methi seeds powderd

1 /2kg gond chra

1kg bura suger

1kg wheat floor

200 gm pista finely chopped

250 gm badam finely chopped

100gm badam powdered 

2piece coconut ( gola or gut) finly grated. 2 t sp.cardmom powder

2cup full cream milk

2 kg desi ghee


Methi ko milk mei mix kaerke paste jaisa banay.milk jarurat ke anusar mix kare.

Soak over night or 3-4 hour

Ab isse achchi tarah se ya to badi chalni se chane ya grind karke powder bna le.

 Keep a side.and place a pan on flame .por 250 gm ghee 

Pore methi and stir slowly

When it become golden keep aside

Place a pan on gas burnor

Pore 1 kg ghee.and heet it.mix wheat floor and stir on high flame.

When foor become golden brown mix gond becom dubble

Mix badam,cardmom,coconut,chuhara ,and methi.aal mixtior keep aside

When it become sami hot mix suger( bura suger) and chopped pista.

Make laddu  from this mixtior mix more ghee ifrequired 

It is very healthy dish in winter.


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