Chocolate truffle


600 gm cholate compound dark or milky as per your choice.

200 gm dark chocolate compound

100 gm white chocolate compound

20 drop coffee assance

200gm amul cream


Chocolate compound ko choppe kare.

Cream ko achche se garam kare

Cholate ko bhi microwave mei garam karke .

Stir properly and mix hot cream 

Now por assance and mix.

Sir 5 minute.and keep it in freez 

Affter 2 hour take  the  doah.and make a round shape from this

Place the bolls on a foil paper

Place chopped dark cholate bar in a glass bowl

Place it in microwave till 2-3 minute

Melt the white cholate bar and por it in a plastic cone

Deep the truffle balls in melted dark chocolate and place on foil paper.

Garnish with white chocolate cone.

Serve your guist

Its realy very tasty chocolate. All your family members and friends realy like this.


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