Gond ke laddu (taste of winter)

  1. 1/2 kg gond chura(small pieces of gond)
  2. 1/2 kg wheat floor
  3. 1kg bura sugar
  4. 250 gm almond choped
  5. 2 piece gola (coconut) grated
  6. 150 gm pista finely choped
  7. 250 gm chuhare powdered
  8. 250 gm makhana 
  9. 2t.sp.black peaper sabut
  10. 1 .5 kg ghee 


Place a deep pan on gas burnur

Por one kg of ghee and wheat floor.stir properly till floor is golden colour.

Por black peaper,chopped almond and makhana.stir 2minute.

Por gond and stir 2-3 minute

Turn off the gas.por grated coconut and chuhara powder,pista

Keep aside.affter 15minute mix bura sugar as per taste.

Mix  melted ghee if requred.

Take two tab.sp.of mixture in your hand and make a round shape of laddu

This is very healthy sweet dish in winter

You serve it little hot to increeg the taste

Put it in microwave at 30 second before serving.


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